Hospitality Properties Trust Announces Annual Meeting Results

June 19, 2017

NEWTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Hospitality Properties Trust (Nasdaq:HPT) today announced the results of its annual meeting held last week, as follows:

Barry M. Portnoy, the Class I Managing Trustee nominee, was re-elected with a majority of the shares voted.

Shareholders approved by the required share votes a non-binding resolution that the frequency of future advisory votes to approve executive compensation be set at every one year.

Shareholders approved by the required share votes a non-binding ratification of the appointment of Ernst & Young LLP as the Trust’s independent registered public accounting firm.

A non-binding shareholder proposal by UNITE HERE! that the Trust take certain steps to opt-out of the Maryland Unsolicited Takeovers Act, and that future election by the Trust to opt-in to provisions of the Maryland Unsolicited Takeovers Act should not be made without shareholders’ prior approval, was approved by a majority of the share votes cast.

A non-binding shareholder proposal by the Comptroller of the City of New York, as the custodian and a trustee of the New York City Employees’ Retirement System and the New York City Police Pension Fund, and custodian of the New York City Board of Education Retirement System, that the Trust adopt a “proxy access” bylaw was approved by a majority of the share votes cast.

A non-binding advisory resolution to approve the compensation paid to the Trust’s named executive officers received less than the majority of share votes required for approval under the Trust’s governing documents.

John L. Harrington, the Class I Independent Trustee nominee, received less than the majority of share votes for his election. Under applicable provisions of Maryland law and the Trust’s governing documents, Mr. Harrington therefore became a holdover Independent Trustee and he then tendered his resignation. Thereafter, the Trust’s Nominating and Governance Committee and the Trust’s Board met and considered, among other things, that applicable Securities and Exchange Commission rules, Nasdaq listing requirements and the Trust’s governing documents require that the Trust have a majority of Independent Trustees and that Mr. Harrington had in the past provided high quality services as Independent Trustee. Based upon these considerations and others, the Nominating and Governance Committee recommended to the Board, and the Board then determined to appoint John L. Harrington to serve as a Class I Independent Trustee until the next scheduled election for this position or until his successor qualifies.

Hospitality Properties Trust is a real estate investment trust, or REIT, which owns a diverse portfolio of hotels and travel centers located in 45 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. HPT's properties are operated under long term management or lease agreements. HPT is managed by the operating subsidiary of The RMR Group Inc. (Nasdaq:RMR), an alternative asset management company that is headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts.

A Maryland Real Estate Investment Trust with transferable shares of beneficial interest listed on the Nasdaq.
No shareholder, Trustee or officer is personally liable for any act or obligation of the Trust.

Source: Hospitality Properties Trust

Hospitality Properties Trust

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