CORRECTING and REPLACING Hospitality Properties Trust Announces Annual Meeting Results

May 11, 2011

NEWTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Sixth graph, first sentence of release should read: Shareholders approved, with 99.1% of all shares voted ... (sted Shareholders approved, with 99.1% of all shares outstanding ...).

The corrected release reads:


Hospitality Properties Trust (NYSE: HPT) announced the results of its annual meeting held earlier today as follows:

John L. Harrington was re-elected as an Independent Trustee, receiving 52.3% of all shares voted.

Barry M. Portnoy was re-elected as Managing Trustee, receiving 62.1% of all shares voted.

Shareholders also approved, with 96.6% of all the shares voted, a nonbinding advisory resolution approving the compensation paid to the Company's named executive offices.

None of the three alternatives required by the Dodd-Frank Law and applicable SEC rules to be presented to shareholders regarding the frequency of future advisory votes by shareholders on named executives officers' compensation received a majority vote of shareholders. The recommendation for such a vote every year received votes of 47.6% of outstanding shares; the recommendation for such a vote every two years received votes of 1.4% of outstanding shares; the recommendation for such a vote every three years received 36.2% of outstanding shares; and the balance of outstanding shares abstained or did not vote.

Shareholders approved, with 99.1% of all shares voted, the ratification of appointment of Ernst & Young LLP as HPT's independent registered public accounting firm.

Shareholders did not approve a non-binding proposal by the California Public Employee Pension Plan, or CalPERS, requesting that HPT take steps to require that all HPT Trustees stand for election each year. This proposal received 68.6% of the votes outstanding, which is less than the votes of 75% of the outstanding shares required for its adoption.

Hospitality Properties Trust is a real estate investment trust, or REIT, which owns 289 hotels and 185 travel centers located in 44 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. HPT is headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts.

Hospitality Properties Trust
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